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JenniferMeet Jennifer - Race Founder, Coordinator and most importantly Friend


I am not the best writer and it is hard to come to a story when it comes to John because there are so many.

John was a best friend to me and the time after he was killed was a surreal moment for all of his friends and family and still is today. His mother told me that John was always telling her how all his men over in Afghanistan had wives and children and that he always insisted on being the one doing the hardest jobs to protect them. This is so typical of John’s character. Those words always stick with me. That motivates me personally. He was not married yet, but was soon to be engaged and had no children. He was a brave person and clearly an even braver soldier. He was very driven and self-motivated.

There was a “last” conversation that I had with John that was well before his death. He was in Afghanistan at the time and it felt like he was right back in Seaside as he never once complained about life in Afghanistan. He actually said, and I quote his words, “Alls well in Afghanistan =)” with a smiley face! We spoke about working out and how he was training harder than he ever had to become stronger.

He asked about my job and a few of our friends. I told him how proud I was of him for being in the army. We joked saying who knew back in high school he would be in Afghanistan and I would be a teacher. I could almost hear his laugh and see his one-of-a-kind smile as I think back to it now.  We said our  “good bye” as I, wrote MISS YOU, STAY SAFE (in all capitals just like that as it was via electronic convo).  He said “I will try. Take care of yourself. Tell the fam hello.” At the time it never crossed my mind that would be my last conversation with him because he seemed so strong, confident, and genuinely happy. I gain comfort from that conversation every day. 

John was a dear friend of my families and many local residents. In his honor my sisters and I put together a 5K/1 Mile Run in his name, Sgt. John A. Lyons Run to Remember. Along with the run we had the basketball courts located on 24th Avenue in South Seaside Park dedicated to Sgt. John Lyons. Mayor Amato held the dedication at 9:00am Saturday - June 2, 2012 at the 24th Ave. basketball courts. After the dedication, the first annual Run to Remember took place. The runners started at the basketball court and followed along the bay. We have exceeded our expectations and had over 200 runners, police on patrol, National Guard, and Mayor Carmen Amato speaking.

With that, I hope that we can contuniue to grow this event, which is all for a good cause, for all proceeds will be donated to local charities and community organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project.

Jen John
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